Wither by Lauren DeStefano ~ Book Review

5 Out Of 5 Stars  *****  🙂  (

Link for this book on Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/8525590-wither  )

I read Wither in September of 2011 and thought it was a great book! That was basically it. A great book. I remembered most of the important story-lines, but missed some touches that would no doubt explain more about the second novel. One thing that shocked me the second time i read Wither, is that i forgot Rhine was Heterochromia, having two different eye colours.

By the time i had read Wither for the second time, i was convinced that Lauren DeStefano was a genius. (Before i explain, why is it that many YA authors have the same first name? Lauren? Lovely name i must admit. Do people with this name automatically want to be YA authors? I am perplexed.) Moving on.

DeStefano has created a world which shouldn’t be questioned. In only one book, she has totally changed the way in which the world works. It wasn’t over the top, you didn’t need to have a scientific mind to understand what had happened to the world.

Beautiful cover. (I prefer it to Fever…shhh! Don’t tell!) It has more deatail and i like that it tells a story and makes you feel clever.

Not bad for a debut, Lauren! Thought it totally deserves the five stars!

Star 😛

( I’m going to try and post reviews every Thursday. The next review will be ‘Fever’ by Lauren DeStefano. See what i did there?)


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