‘Fever’ by Lauren DeStefano ~ Book Review


Four Out Of Five Stars  **** (Link to this book on Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/11112619-fever )

To be honest, Fever felt like a long chapter. Not a novel. This wasnt because I read it fast, I’m not a fast reader. It just had the feeling that there could have been a lot more content in Fever. Wither (the first in the series) was only twenty or so pages more than Fever, in which case it couldn’t have been because the book was short.

Throughout the book (we’ll call it a book because that’s what it is. Just because i think it should have had more stuff in it doesn’t mean that it was inadequate.), Rhine was unwell. First the Angels Blood, next the June Beans. It didn’t feel like Rhine was the one telling the story. It was strange. What happened to the strong girl that ran away from her husbands mansion in order to get to her twin?

It might have been that Rhine was almsot told as a prostitute. Almost, people. Almost. Read the book to see what the almost consists of.

The ending was fabulous. Not because it ended, but the way in which it ended. Even though Fever was not as good as Wither, i’m still looking foreward to the third book in the Chemical Gardern series.

The sequel’s are almost always disapointing. Let’s hope that the third will redeem everything that has happened so far, and that Rhine makes that final choice!

Star 😛



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