‘Sever’ by Lauren DeStefano – Cover Review *Bonus*

Today I’m going to review the cover of Sever, the third installment of the Chemical Garden trilogy that comes out on February 12th 2013.

Please note that this is not a cover reveal.

(Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Chemical-Garden-Trilogy-Lauren-Destefano/dp/1442409096 )  Preorder it!

(Goodreads Link:  http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/12383869-sever )  Read some funny reviews of the cover! Seriously, they have Gifs of Michael Caine.

Things I Like:

*The Dress. Beautiful dress. Almost wedding material. But she’s already married. Two books ago infact.

*The Hair. Lovely hair. Wish I had hair like that.

* The Face. The Face is rather pretty. At least we can see all of it this time.

*The Plane. Do they have airplanes in these books? I don’t think that we have really explored the technical gadgets of this series yet. Gonna be interesting.

*Quite like the bench thing she’s sitting on. I could sit on that and write blog posts that would attract the attention of  millions of people and become a World Blogger…does such a thing already exist?

*The Books I approve of. The top one has UORR written on it, it’s possible that the rest of it is hidden by the broccoli (See below), but I googled UORR anyway and it seems that DeStefano is using Upward- Only Rent Reviews in this book. Could be a protest…

Things I Don’t Like:

*The Bird. Probably significant to the story, that Bird is. But it has a shifty look about him, I don’t trust it.

*The Apples. This isn’t an advert for a grocery store. This is Sever, third installment of the Chemical Garden trilogy. Maybe they got it mixed up with Snow White. Perhaps it’s a plug for Snow White! “Now that you’ve read the Third Installment of the Chemical Garden Trilogy, go and read my retelling of Snow White, where the wicked stepmother is actually in Drag!”  That’s what must have happened.

*The Ring. On Amazon you can ZOOM! Yeah! So…I zoomed in. The model is holding a ring in her hand. Why? Why would she still have Lindens ring? Most people love Linden…I don’t. Why would you love a man who can’t even wipe his own bum? Moving on…

* The Green. Plugging again? This time for Green Lantern. The green background is just a little off- putting.

*The Broccoli. Nononononono. WHY? Totally ruined the effect! Well…i think it’s broccoli. Zoom in and see for yourself  🙂 Comment and tell me what you think the green tree thing is.

The only thing that I’m unsure about is the Globe. I fail to see the point. But of course…there isn’t one. It’s a globe. Globes don’t have points, you see. Hm.

Overall Thoughts:

I will defiantly be reading it, despite the cover. But I did find six things that I liked and five things I didn’t so that puts it in favour doesn’t it? To be honest, I want to see the back of it. The back cover. I should do a review on that when the time comes, eh? Back Cover Review. Let’s start a trend. O_O

Thankyou for reading! Please tell me what you thought! Next post is on Thursday!

Star 😛


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