‘Feather in The Wind’ by Madeline Baker-Book Review

Five Out of Five Stars! *****

Link to this book on Goodreads! http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/643934.Feather_in_the_Wind


She saw his face in a faded picture, and his eyes, restless as the wind, seemed to call to her. It was said he’d been hanged nearly a century ago for kidnapping a white woman, yet his story seemed unfinished. To the writer in her he was an inspiration, but to the lonely woman within he was a dream come true who would lure her across the years to fulfill a love beyond time.


Okay. I know this isn’t a new-off-the-shelf book. It’s the same age as me. Although i consider myself to be in better condition. Nevertheless, I loved it and I want to review it. I received this book through ReadIt SwapIt, a UK based website that allows you to swap books with other users. Really cool. Check it out 🙂

Back to the book!

Madeline Baker could have been born in the 1800s. With 1800s Native Americans. This book was full of beautiful descriptions that could only have come from intense research.

Susannah was a brilliant heroine. She wasn’t a damsel in distress that cried all the time, she actually got on with her life and tried to make the best of it even though she was transported into a time over 200 years before she was born. Towards the end, Susannah became a bit annoying. She was just flinging everything at Black Wind, all kinds of information and trying to make him stay, it was a little OTT. But Madeline Baker redeemed her character with the ‘Dances With Wolves’ jokes and puns. Very funny!

Black Wind is exactly the kind of man I’m going to marry. (Please note: I’m fifteen and have never had a boyfriend, nor have I ever had a crush on someone in my league. Meaning that all the men i like are married. So marrying someone like Black Wind, a native american warrior chief from 1800 is totally going to happen.)
He cared for Susannah and was wonderfully protective.

The love(making) scenes were not overly descriptive, but still Adult with a captial A.

Feather in the Wind is just a fantastic romance read. It made me feel good after I finished it. 🙂 So happy that I got this!

Not the review part!

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Star 😛


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