‘Mistress of Rome’ by Kate Quinn – Book Review

Four Out of Five Stars! ****

Link to this book on Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/8493409-mistress-of-rome


Thea is a slave girl from Judaea; musical, wary, and passionate. Purchased as a toy for the spiteful heiress Lepida Pollia, Thea and her mistress will become rivals for the love of Arius the Barbarian, Rome’s newest and most savage gladiator. His love brings Thea the first happiness of her life – quickly ended when a jealous Lepida tears them apart.



This review is probably going to be me fangirling over this truly AMAZING BOOK! The Mistress of Rome totally sucked me in! I literally couldn’t put this book down! Execpt…when I had to put it down. Huh.

What do I like about this book so much? Let me give you a list!

The Characters!
Thea, the slave girl. Even though she was fifteen(same age as me), I couldn’t relate to her. And usually, thats a bad thing in books. But in The Mistress of Rome it was perfect. In the first part of the book, Thea was treated badly by her mistress, Lepida, and was generally abused and made to feel worthless. By the middle of the book when she had changed Masters a few times, the tough side showed through. She wasn’t a slave girl anymore.

Arius, or The Barbarian. I fell in love right away. He just reeked masculine power and Alpha Male. Of course, he was a Gladiator so what can you expect? You can tell, during the book, that he really did love Thea. And she in return. It was lovely to watch. Or read. O_O When they were seperated, it really made me what to jump into the book and set things right. Which is also a good sign 🙂

Vix, son of Thea and Arius. What a devil he is! Although he is only thirteen, I just loved him! Him and Sabina! Yes! Please! Can’t wait to read the sequel ‘Empress of Seven Hills’, I reserved it! **squeak** <Fangirling.

Lepida, the slut. Offensive title, I know. But seriously! Her husband (oh yes! Did i not mention? She’s married and has a tweleve year old daughter!), made a list of the men she has had affairs with. Almost a paragraph. Let’s think about that for a second. A paragraph is quite a large piece of text when it contains the lovers that you have kept over the past, does it not?

The Descriptions and General Scenery!
The way in which Kate Quinn described Rome, you could have been there. At the Games, breathing in the sand, smelling the blood and swaet from the Gladiators as they fought to the death. Brilliant. Well, brilliant descriptions…not the actuall games. They were brutal.

The Mistress of Rome really played with my emotions. It made me want to cry, I laughed at the things Vix said. A brillinat read. The only reason that I gave it four marks instead of five is because I wanted Thea and Arius to have had more of a relatioship. More love. More kissing!

Looking forward to reading the sequel but honestly don’t think that I’ll be reading the prequel 🙂

Feels like I haven’t done a review in ages!

Star 😛





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