#2 Thoughts and Theories – Romance

thoughts and theories

Me, a sixteen year old girl who has never had a ‘proper’ boyfriend, reads too many books, and doesn’t agree with Valentine’s Day and hates weddings. Surely I can’t be writing about romance and LURVE with a capital L, can I?

Of course I am!

This is just my opinion, for a laugh! Comment below if you agree or disagree with what I say 🙂

In NO PARTICULAR ORDER, the things that I find most romantic!

1): Holding Hands.

holding hands

2): Dancing in the Kitchen

dancing in the kitchen

3): Watching films in bed. Or y’know, Friends/ TVD/Merlin/Dr WHO/Ma

watching movies in bed

4): Washing up without being asked.

washing up

5): Spontaneously buying presents for your boyfriend/girlfriend/ love of your life


6): Cuddles. AWW!


7): Liking the same Music is pretty romantic.


8): Participating in NaNoWriMo together!


9): Fangirling over Doctor Who together!

dr who

10): Telling the love of your life that you love them, it’s no fun being together but never saying the L word!


Well. That was that! I just wanted to write this for a laugh. For fun 🙂 I’ll leave you with one last picture to hold forever in your hearts. Louis and Flavia! Come on out!

louis and flav

I just put this here because I like his face. It’s a rather nice face, don’t you think? Flavia is georgous as well! So jealous!

Star 😛




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