‘Over The Mountain And Back’ by Marie Astor – Review

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Synopsis: After taking his new snowboard for a ride in the mountains of Colorado, Peter is stunned to find himself in Transadonia – a hidden world that coexists alongside with the Earth.

Peter soon learns that the shiny, new snowboard was crafted especially for him by the smiths of Transadonia. Now, Peter’s help is needed to defeat the evil mastermind who is threatening the freedom of Transadonia’s magical inhabitants. Just why has Peter been chosen for this daunting task, and does he have the mettle to complete it?


I’ll let the notes I took while reading,  do the talking 🙂

Enjoying it so far, but wish we could have had a bit of a warning before throwing us into another world so quickly.

The characters are a little weak. Don’t seem to have much of a peronality. We know about their lives, but what about their favourite things, likes, dislikes. What makes them?

Peter has named his sliver board, Silverboard. Going for the literal side of things then? 🙂

The speach is very formal. ‘I will,’ instead of, ‘I’ll.’ ‘Did not’ instead of ‘Didn’t’. A 14 year old boy probably wouldn’t use language like that. It doesn’t flow so well.

Peter has very casually excepted the giants. He isn’t a kid anymore, he must realise that they come from another world, but he doesn’t question it. Nor is he scared. I’d be wetting myself.

The transformation from Broderick into Carnelion was rather clever, i thought. Devious.

I think, overall, that this book was written to be read out loud. It sounds better spoken than read in your head, you know?

The selection of mythical creatures was exciting! Mermaids, dragons, yeti’s, witches and others too.

I realise that Marie Astor has written contemporary romance novels , and that this is her first published sci/fi – fantasty book, she has done quite well to make such a change.


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About Author and LINKS:


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Marie is the author of contemporary romance novels This Tangled Thing Called Love, Lucky Charm, Smitten at First Sight, romantic suspense, To Catch a Bad Guy, and a short story collection, A Dress in a Window.

Currently, Marie is working on her next novel – stay tuned for details!

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Thanks for reading!

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