Thoughts and Theories #4: Mothers Day

This is one of those quick posts that have nothing to do with books but it’s too long for a tweet. The subject…Mothers Day.

I get the whole thing. Y’know? Love your Mum, buy her some chocolates, be extra nice to her – all that kind of stuff.

But why not be nice to her everyday? Why have just one day when you say, “Oh yeah, right. Thanks Mum for giving birth to me, probably the most trumatic experience of your life. Here’s some cheap chocolate that you don’t even like. They cost me a whole of money, so I HOPE YOU’RE GREATFUL!”


I think, (i think.) my point is…love your Mum everyday. A Mum is for life. Not just on Sundays.

^ So proud of myself.

This tiny, miniscule post is very similar to my Valentines Day post but with less pictures. I just wanted to make a point. Point made. I shall fade away and continue to ignore my Mum. ❤


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