Weekly Wrap Up #6 10th-16th

I have decided to change the way I view my week. So now, my week starts on a Sunday and that’s when I count what books I have read that week. Yes? Doesn’t really make any difference to anyone, except me. Thought I’d let you know though, ‘cos I’m nice like that.

Books Read This Week:

Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan [Goodreads]

YA Contemporary – 3/5


Strength by Carrie Butler [Goodreads] [Review on 18th March]

Upper YA/New Adult Romance – 3/5


Love, Come To Me by Lisa Kleypas [Goodreads]

Adult Romance – 5/5


The Kings Of Charleston by Kat H. Clayton [Goodreads] [Review to come 26th March]

YA Romance – 4/5


The Truth About Letting Go by Leigh Talbert Moore [Goodreads] [Review to come March 20th}

YA Contemporary Romance – 3/5


Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz [Goodreads] [Review some time in November]

YA Action-4/5

Books of the Week:






I had to choose two! I LOVE Lisa Kleypas but I felt guilty for not including another book! And The Kings of Charleston was extremely impressive!

Posts This Week:


Weekly Wrap Up #5 4th-10th March


‘Scarlet’ (Lunar Chronicles #2) by Marissa Meyer – Book Review

Thoughts and Theories #4: Mothers Day


‘Slated’ by Teri Terry – Book Review


‘MILA 2.0′ by Debra Driza – Book Review


‘First Visions’ (Second Sight #1) by Heather Topham Wood – Book Review + Giveaway


‘Picture Perfect’ by Camille Dixon – [Book Blitz] Giveaway + Excerpt


Stacking the Shelves #7 (9 Books)


Upcoming Posts:


Strength by Carrie Butler – Review + Giveaway


Chosen by Kristen Day – Review


The Truth About Letting Go by Leigh T. Moore – Review + Giveaway


Disconnected by Imran Siddiq – Review + Giveaway




Stacking the Shelves (probably, even though I really don’t need any more books!)


Nothing to report on my general life. I’ve just been reading and am proud of myself for reading so many books this week! A few of them were kinda small though!

What have YOU been up to this week? Let me know or link me to your blog and I’ll spam you 🙂 Affectionate spamming!




Email: starnoble97@gmail.com

Thanks for reading!

Charlie “Star” xx






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