Stacking the Shelves #8 (9 Books)

stacking the shelvesWelcome to the eighth Stacking the Shelves! Hosted by Tynga’s Reviews.

Update on last week, I lost my purse and inside it my library card. You can imagine my annoyance! Well, anyway, it turned out I’d left it at a friends house and there it was. So, (yes, there is more to this story.) I trundled off into town with my heavy books on FRIDAY. FRIDAY WAS A HOLIDAY! EVERYWHERE WAS SHUT! Therefore, I couldn’t get rid of my books and i had to drag them home again. I now have an 18pence fine.  I know. I’m so reckless.And so i haven’t been to the library this week even though I have some AWESOME books there that I was suprised the library actually held.

Thanks for reading this rubbish bit, now you can look at the stack of books i got this week!

For Review:

the photo travelernissaqueen &






The Photo Traveler by Arthur J. Gonzalez

^Really looking forward to this one!  Set to review May 14th

Nissa by Bethany Lopez

Set to review April 24th

Queen and Commander by J. A. Southard

Set to review May 14th


Female warrior with a sworddifferent roadsall the kings men






Rocked by Gina Marie Long

Set to review May 22nd

Different Roads by Lori L. Clark

Set to review May 6th

All the Kings Men by Kat. H. Clayton

I read the first book and LOVED it! Can’t wait to see what happens next! Set to review 19th  (?) April


across eternityOcean storm






Across Eternity by Aris Whittier

The author contacted me and requested a review! Reviewing some time in May/June 🙂

Thundering Luv by L.M Preston

So far, not impressed. Reviewing 1st July.



the language of flowers





The Language of Flowers by Vannessa Diffenbaugh

Thanks again, Nan!

I have so many books to review it is mental. I keep double booking and I send out emails to correct the dates but no-one gets back to me and I AM STRESSING OUT! I haven’t been touring long so I’m sure I’ll get used to it!

Thanks for reading! Don’t foget to leave your links below and tell me what you got this week!

Charlie xx


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