‘Two Timing the Boss’ by Christine Warner – Review + Excerpt

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Two Timing the Boss


Christine Warner


August 22 2012


Contemporary Romance

two timing

Book Description:

Farah Smith is on a mission: secure the funds for her twin sister’s surgery. She’ll do whatever it takes to succeed. Even if that means putting her values aside to work for a man she finds morally bankrupt. But when the real Farah meets her new boss, she wonders if she’ll be able to resist his sexy advances long enough to help her sister. 

From the blonde wig, to the stilettos strapped around her ankles, Farah’s a clone of Keller Donovan’s harem of past assistants. She can’t believe she’s let herself be talked into the disguise, let alone working for the man planning to demolish the hospital her sister so desperately needs, but the salary he offers is the only way she’ll be able to afford her sister’s surgery. The moment Farah meets Keller she realizes her most daunting task isn’t typing, spreadsheets or organizing travel arrangements, but fighting the growing attraction toward a man whose ruthlessness is legendary in the boardroom as well as the bedroom. 

Determined not to end up in a disastrous marriage like his divorced parents, Keller believes all relationships should have a shelf life of sixth months or less. But when he meets Farah, all bets are off. He not only wants her to continue as his personal assistant, but his own private bed warmer. Unfortunately, his offer of an affair doesn’t sit well with her fairytale dreams or the strangled hold gripping his heart.

Book Links:

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My Rating:

3 out of 5 Goodreads Stars.

My Review:

I recieved an ebook copy of this book in return for an honest review.

This was a short, sexy romantic read. Ferah’s sister Kerah, (I laughed too.) was involved in a car accident but that wasn’t explained  until the last few chapters, which I found annoying. It’s not like finding out what’s wrong with her is going to ruin the story. Why wait until the end to reveal it?

I didn’t like Ferah’s character. She was very argumentative and failed to listen to people, and was generally a Mary Sue.

Her sister was even worse, I didn’t get on with her at all and thought that she was a bit pointless. She was always telling Ferah to do stuff. And it was her idea to dress Ferah up in the stupid wig and body suit thing.

Not much was explained about their back-story either. They lived with their grand-mother but she died. What about parents? Doesn’t explain that at all. And only mentions in passing Kerahs boyfriend who was also involved in the car accident. It was all a bit sketchy and didn’t add up.

The jumping off the roof thing was ridiculous. It lasted about a paragraph.

Nevertheless, I liked Keller Donovan. He reminded me of Christian Gray (Grey?). He was breathtakingly handsome, owned his own company ect, ect.

The sexy scenes were, um, sexy. Need I say more?

I also enjoyed the mention of Star Trek. Live long and prosper!

Overall, Two Timing The Boss was a quick read and kept me entertained for a while. Ferah let herself down, but I liked the romance. Who doesn’t?

Guest Post:

How Dare She/He?

You know what one of the best parts about being an author is? That you can have your characters do or say things that you’d never dare do or dare say in your own personal life.

Have you wanted to try bungee jumping, but know your chest would explode on the way down from fear? Do you want to race a car at well over a 100 miles an hour, but know you couldn’t be forced behind the wheel even if someone offered you a million dollars? Or, have you ever wanted to tell your boss you quit, and while you’re on your way out the door tell him where to go and who to take along?  Lol

In my latest release, Two-Timing the Boss, I let my heroine Farah Smith do some daring things I would like to try but would never have the courage to attempt. For instance, there is a scene where Farah and our hero Keller Donovan are discussing fears. Farah admits she’s afraid of heights and Keller confesses he doesn’t want to even think about not being in control. (and on a side note your author here admits she’s got height issues too) So, wah-la, what is the perfect scene for Ms. Author to write…one where Farah has to face her vertical fears and Keller has to give the reins of control to another.

How did I accomplish this hair rising feat? My characters were on a little down time in Las Vegas and I know that there just happens to be a ride on top of one of the buildings there called THE BIG SHOT.

Yes, you are strapped into a ride atop a T A L L building that shoots you straight up into the air about 160 feet in a matter of about 2 seconds and then you come flying down—not to earth, mind you—but back to the roof top of a T A L L building.  The scene was fun to write because just imagining it had my palms sweaty and my heart pounding.

Okay, so now you’re thinking, ‘sure, she made Farah face her fear of heights, but how did Keller face his fear of losing control?’

Well, let me tell you. Keller was strapped in the seat right alongside Farah (for support *wink*) and just by him being there, not able to control when the operator would start the ride, or how Farah would react, and wondering if he could keep her calm if she lost it—he’d given up his own control.

Of course Farah so effortlessly pointed this out to him as well, because you know how men sometimes don’t always get big picture.  Lol

So, tell me, what’s a fear you have, or still have, but you’ve taken a chance and either conquered it or tried to conquer it?

While you’re thinking of an answer, here’s an excerpt from Two-Timing the Boss, my sexy, contemporary romance.


These damn shoes would be the death of her.  She could read the headlines now:  Penniless P.A. Falls to her Death while on Job Interview.

Almost to her destination, with no more mishaps, her confidence surfaced.  Okay, maybe mastering this heel thing wouldn’t be such a big deal.  Her steps became light, almost bouncy.  Although she sensed Keller Donovan behind her, she didn’t let it deter her feeling of success.  She stepped onto the large black and red area rug, less than ten feet from her target.  The leather chairs.

“Oh!”  Farah’s spiky heel caught on the edge of the expensive rug.  Her legs shook and she shot her arms out from her sides, circling them like a bird about to take flight.  She fought to regain balance inside the ridiculous stilts strapped to her feet.  A brawl to the death.  Over when she looked down to see the rug coming up to kiss her face.  She threw out her hands, sucked in a breath and closed her eyes, scrunching her face as she prepared for impact.

But nothing happened.  There were stars all right, and a blazing jolt of electricity shot from her toes, up her legs, through her body and exited with the small gasp which escaped her lips.  Somehow Keller Donovan had grabbed her around the waist before she met the floor.

Heat burned her cheeks.  He may have saved her body from bruises, but her ego, and whatever confidence she’d walked in with had shattered.

“Let’s not have an accident before your health benefits kick in.”  His breath

tickled her ear from behind.  Chills hugged her backbone.

His touch released an unsettling flutter in her abdomen.  She sucked in her stomach from the pressure of his strong arms wrapped around her middle, afraid to breathe.


I love to hear from readers and other authors 🙂  And don’t forget to answer my question above….I’m curious 🙂

About Author and LINKS:

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Christine Warner is living her dream in Michigan along with her husband, three children, one laptop and a much loved assortment of furry friends. Besides laughing and a good round of humor, she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, reading, writing but no arithmetic. A confessed people watcher, she finds inspiration for her stories in everyday activities. She loves to read and write about strong heroes and determined, sometimes sassy, heroines. A girl gone wild, at least where social media is concerned, she enjoys meeting other avid readers and writers on Facebook, Twitter and her Website.

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Email: starnoble97@gmail.com

Thanks for reading!

Charlie “Star” xx


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