Review: Playing Hooky by Rita Webb + Giveaway! [Book Tour]


Welcome to my review of Playing Hooky! You can find the tour schedule HERE! Tour hosted by: Xpresso Book Tours.

Playing Hooky by Rita Webb

Series: Paranormal Investigations #1

Publication: January 21st 2013 

Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance

Length: Novella (100 pages

Book Links: Goodreads | Amazon | B&NHooky

Book Description:

Valentine’s Day.

And my 21st birthday.


Just another college day full of classes and more homework than is humanly possible.

…until Jason, my best-friend-since-kindergarten, shows up to take me out for the day. 

Like old times: the two of us on a wacky adventure, playing hooky from real life. With his lopsided grin and tickets to a circus full of misfits and monsters, he introduces me to a whole new world—one full of magic and mystery—and turns my reality upside down.Except nothing goes as planned, and we end up running through the city to find a missing siren before someone brews a love potion with her blood.

Sirens and love potions, witches and elves, and Valentine kisses. Nothing will be the same for me again.

My Review:

4 out of 5 Goodreads Stars

 Describe This Book In One Word: *Surprising* <new feature btw!

I was totally not expecting this! I signed up to this tour a couple of months ago and since then I haven’t taken a peek at the synopsis, so it was a huge surprise to find out that this wasn’t just a chick-flick novel as I thought 🙂

There were mentions of werewolves / vampires / ghosts / witches and all other kinds of supernatural creatures, it wasn’t just centred around one kind of paranormal it was a whole range witch (see what I did there? Typo on purpose, check me out!) added more to the story and gave it potential to add another book.

Personally, I thought it was a bit flat on the character side. Nobody really stood out (except for Jason not being entirely human) and thought there could have been more character development. But, seeing as this was only 100 pages, I don’t think that it’s that much of an issue.

Didn’t expect the bad guy at the end though! That was a great twist!

The romance was… not anything different to what I’ve read recently. Girl had always loved boy, BUT NEVER TOLD HIM! So the guy is oblivious to girl’s affections. Seriously? However, as I mentioned before, this book is a novella and so the romance aspect was bearable for the short amount of time it took to read the book.

Overall, this is a short and sweet paranormal romance that doesn’t take long to read and I would recommend checking it out! Oh and I loved the reference to Laini Taylor! I saw it! I WAS paying attention! So…look out for the Laini Taylor mention, guys!


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About Author:

Rita Website | Goodreads | Twitter | Facebook

Leaving the house to go to school, I had schoolbooks spilling out of one hand, the other holding my place in a Nancy Drew novel, and bunny slippers still on my feet. My mom was a wee bit upset.

I haven’t changed much. Still always have a book (or two) in my hand or creating stories in my head, and although I don’t have any bunny slippers, I love writing in my jammies and snuggly slipper socks.

When I grow up (maybe a hundred years from now), I’d like to be a superhero, but for now, saving the day, one page at a time, suits me just fine.

With my husband TJ (my own cuddly werewolf), I home-school our three girls, who keep us busy with art, science projects, books to read, dance classes, and walks about the park.


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