Review: Unsticky by Sarra Manning


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Unsticky by Sarra Manning

Publish Date: August 2nd 2012

Publisher: Corgi

Genre: YA Contemporary Romance

Source: Bought it!

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Book Description:

Money makes the world go round – that’s what twenty-something Grace Reeves is learning. Stuck in a grind where everyone’s ahead apart from her, she’s partied out, disillusioned, and massively in debt. If she’s dumped by another rock-band wannabe, squashed by anyone else at her cut-throat fashion job, or chased by any more bailiffs, Grace suspects she’ll fall apart…

So when older, sexy and above all, wealthy art-dealer Vaughn appears, she’s intrigued against her will. Could she handle being a sugar daddy’s arm-candy?

Soon Grace is thrown into a world of money and privilege, at Vaughn’s beck and call in return for thousands of pounds in luxurious gifts, priceless clothes – and cash. She’s out of her depth. Where’s the line between acting the trophy girlfriend, and selling yourself for money? And, more importantly, whatever happened to love?

My Review:

(This review was written at 11pm. Don’t blame me for the brain mush that’s going to scroll past your eyes.)

I love Sarah Manning! I read Adorkable sometime last year and thought it was AMAZING! In my review I mentioned that I’d read the Fashionista books when I was a tween (meaning = I read the kissing bits over and over again and blushed at words like breast and sex.) Oh how I have changed! Looking right at you Mr Grey.)

Anyway, I saw this book and seeing as I LOVE Pretty Woman, this book just sounded perfect for me!

I flew through Unsticky! It’s quite a chunky book (you know I like ‘em chunky.) but I finished it within 24 hours!

Grace works at a fashion magazine, so there was some talk of fashion during Unsticky. Now, I despise clothes shopping and only do it to keep my Mother happy (and too not look like a total chav) and usually I hate any kind of fashion talk in books but it didn’t bother me whilst reading this book.

(Except for the part when Grace was moaning about living off 14K a year. I never have any dresses, she said as she walked into Channel and buys a 5 thousand pound belt.  (Not as extreme as that, but you get the meaning.) Stop buying clothes! How hard is that? It didn’t have the comic of the Shopaholic series and was a little frustrating when Grace was very stupid with her bills and hid her phone so that she wouldn’t have to talk to the debt collector. This vexed me. As you can probably tell.)

Vaughn is in art. He’s an art…person. Like, he collects it. (Why do I keep italicising words?)

So they meet, and Vaughn asks Grace to be his mistress to which she promptly says NO. But then she thinks about it and realises that it wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

So they come to an arrangement and Vaughn pays her to host parties and some bits on the side. Ahem.

Vaughn could be quite mean and horrible at times. And he admitted that, so it was purposeful, but woah…I wouldn’t have lived with him.

Overall, I will be keeping the book because I need some more romances on my shelves. Grace was naive about the real world, but hey! the girl knits! Vaughn could do with smiling more. And I also liked that it wasn’t just about them. There were other story-lines too, like with Graces best friend and Graces Mum.

About Author:

sarraGoodreads | Website | Twitter

Sarra Manning is a teen queen extraordinaire. She spent five years working on the now sadly defunct J17, first as a writer and then as Entertainment Editor. She then joined the launch team of teen fashion bible Ellegirl, which she later went on to edit and has consulted on a wide range of youth titles including Bliss, The Face and More.

Sarra is now editor of What To Wear magazine. She’s also been a regular contributor to ELLE, The Guardian, ES Magazine, Seventeen, Details and Heat and wrote the Shop Bitch column for Time Out. Pretty Things is her fifth title for Hodder’s Bite list and she’s currently working on her next book, Lost, for publication in 2006. Sarra lives in North London with her white Scottie dog, Frank Sinatra.


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