Mini-Review: The Key of Kilenya by Andrea Pearson

the key

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The Key of Kilenya by Andrea Pearson

Publish Date: July 28th 2011

Publisher: Createspace

Genre: YA Fantasy

Source: Bought (free ebook from Amazon!)

Rating: 5.0/5.0

Book Description:

A magical key has been stolen, and Jacob must retrieve it as soon as possible to protect his family and our world from danger.

Fourteen-year-old Jacob Clark’s life is about to change when two vicious wolves chase him through a gateway from our world to another. They’ve been sent by the Lorkon–immortal and evil beings from the world Edana, who know Jacob and that he possesses powers which they desire to control.

He escapes the wolves and spends the night in the safety of a tree. The next morning, not knowing he is in a different world, he is surprised to be greeted by strange, human-like creatures.

They beg his assistance in recovering a magical key–which was stolen by the Lorkon and is mysteriously linked to him. He has two choices: help these people, or not. If he helps them he will be in great danger. If he doesn’t, his family and our world will be, as the Lorkon will stop at nothing to unlock the key’s and Jacob’s powers.

He makes his choice and begins a quest of self-discovery and danger.

My Review:

The Key of Kilenya is a brilliant book! I devoured it in an afternoon! It was just full of action, and there was never a dull moment.

Jacob is a very sweet boy. A little bit afraid of girls, but very intelligent too.

The world building was excellent, I could imagine being taken away to this strange new world and travelling with Jacob to find the Key.

The descriptions where so vivid! Please can this book be made into a movie? Or a web-series? Please!

I thought that this book was a mix of Harry Potter (not just because of the Fat Lady!) and Inkheart.

Overall, buy the freaking book!!!! It’s free on Amazon right now and BUY IT! If you love fantasy and action and Adventure! Then this is the book for you J

[Sorry for shortness of the review, it’s so hard to put my feelings into words!]

About Author:


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Andrea is always in the mood for a good movie with close friends and family (especially her husband and mom), with a large glass of milk and a bowl of overly buttered popcorn nearby. She also enjoys oil painting, making earrings, squeezing every bit of oxygen out of Ziploc bags, and she hopes to someday travel to Italy and Alaska.

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