15 Day Book Blogger Challenge – Day #1


Thought up by Good Books and Wine!

Hey guys! Yep, I’m late to this party…by four days…eeek! I just couldn’t resist this challenge 😛

1. I HAVE to use a bookmark when I read a book. I can’t dog-ear a corner or crease a page, it really annoys me! HOW COULD YOU??

2. I can’t break or crack a spine. This usually means I have to read my books at an odd angle, which makes everyone laugh.

3. Even though I’ve said that I can’t dog ear a page or crack the spine, I don’t mind buying my books from used book stores or charity shops. If you’re paying a pound or less for a book, you don’t really expect it to be in pristine condition.

4. Cracked spines don’t bother me unless I made them.

5. I don’t mind waiting ages and ages after the release date to actually buy a book.

6. I prefer to buy books off Amazon, rather than a bookstore. (Even though I love the atmosphere in a book store, it’s just easier online!)

7. More than half the books I’ve read are probably from the library.

8. Sometimes it takes me forever to read a library book. I had Opal out for about three months :S Just a tad embarrassing!

9. Saying that, once I’ve read a book I have to take it back right away. No messing around!

10. I can’t read in the car. Carsick is a bummer!

11. I HAVE to take a book with me everywhere I go. Even if I know there’s no way that I’m going to have the time to actually read, I just have to have it in my bag.

12. When I watch a film that is based on a book and I think it’s rubbish, I probably won’t read the book.

13. I have a knack for remembering the name of the author of the book that I just finished. (Most of the time!)

14. Can’t remember the character names though!

15. When I’m reading, I take notes in a trusty notebook! Important things like…character names!

Follow me to find out what my bedtime reading ritual is!! Ohhh exciting! *sarcasm* (But seriously. Stay tuned!)

Thanks for reading!

Charlie xx


One thought on “15 Day Book Blogger Challenge – Day #1

  1. I agree with so many of these, for instance, I love when I can get used books for a deal, but I can’t stand to crack a spine or dog-ear a book–even if it means I don’t open the book all the way to mind the spine, or if I don’t have a bookmark near and just have to remember the page number! 🙂

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

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