Book Blogging Challenge Day #2


This Challenge was created by Good Books and Wine!

It’s time for me to spill the beans on my bedtime reading ritual! Yay! Really sorry that this post was really late!


bed  <<< THIS is where the magic happens! (Get your mind out of the gutter! I only meant that I read Harry Potter in this very bed. ha!)







Well, I’m usually in my room by 8 or 9PM, I spend about a hour rolling around on the internet WASTING time because that’s just what I’m like.

Then, I make sure that my pillows are all fluffed up, I turn on some music on my phone and then I start to read! Some point during this ritual I will sneak into my secret snack cupboard, (you can kind of see it in the left corner of the photo) and stuff my face with chocolate and Pepsi, being SUPER careful to not get chocolate smudges on my kindle OR book!

I read until 11:30 or perhaps later if the book is THAT good. If I’m reading on my kindle, for some reason I can’t read with the light off. I HAVE to have my lamp on. Probably because the kindle light casts shadows and I’d freak myself out :S

And then I turn off my light and snuggle under my covers. And worry about my TBR pile.

No special ritual really, just a teenage reader who has to get up early in the morning 😛

Thanks for reading!

Charlie xx




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