15 Day Book Blogger Challenge – Day 3


Created by Good Books and Good Wine!

I wanted to do a different post today. But…it didn’t work out. And that was REALLY ANNOYING! So I changed things up a bit, and I’m going to talk about my Blogging BFFS! Whoop! Yeah! Also, I know that YOU think this challenge is nearly over…BUT IS ISN’T! I was just biding my time….(too lazy to post during the proper time frame.) Enjoy!


If I’m honest…I don’t have any Blogging BFFS. I have only been blogging year and for most of that year I posted once a week. Yeah, can you imagine?

Another reason, I think Rachel from Fiktshun said something similar, is that I don’t assume to have a BFF. I can’t just talk to someone on Twitter for five minutes and then we are soul mates. It takes TIME 🙂

I’m also very lazy. I can’t even write reviews on time, let alone make friends and keep in contact!

Of course, there are bloggers that I’m friendly with, we comment on each others reviews, our StS posts, drool over hot YA/NA boys…ect ect. I’m the same in real life too, but don’t feel sorry for me! I have my books! And some budding friendships that I’ve made through this blog! So I’m extremely happy!


And that was my half arsed excuse for a blog post! Tomorrow is a review! Yay, when was the last time we had one of them??? Yesterday actually. The 5th Wave. One of my best reviews for a while. Go check it out, because let’s face it…anything is better than this drivel 🙂

Charlie xx




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