Mini-Review: Jenny Q: Unravelled by Pauline McLynn

jenny Q

Jenny Q: Unravelled by Pauline McLynn

Book Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Book Depository

Publish Date: June 6th 2013

Publisher: Puffin Books

Genre: Contemporary…I’d like to say YA but the MC is 13 soo…shall we stick with YA? Yeah, why not!

Source: Library!

My Rating: 5.0/5.0

Book Description:

I’m Jenny Q. How do you do? I am officially a middle child since the baby bro arrived. But it’s OK because he is the best little bundle ever. Even my big brother’s group Ten Guitars are well into the lil dude. That includes the gorgeous Stevie Lee Bolton with his looks that just mesmerise me! And now my bro’s asked me to handle their fan mail – I’ll be secretary to the hottest boyband in Dublin! Will Stevie Lee finally notice me? But in between babies, boys and crazy band fans, will I have enough time to help Dad or look after exhausted Mum before everything becomes unravelled!


I LOVED this book! I haven’t read the first book, I just saw this in my library and as I was flicking through the pages I was literally laughing out loud! So, of course I had to bring it home!

Seeing as I keep reading NA romances, it was so refreshing to read something a little different. Completely different, actually. I haven’t read a book where the narrator is younger than me in a LONG time! At least, that’s what it feels like.

I loved Jenny’s ‘voice’, her inner dialouge was hilarious! You remember Tilly from Miranda Harts TV series? Jenny is like a mini version of her! And I learnt some new knitting patterns too! The heart came out perfectly 🙂 thanks Jenny! (And Pauline! Pretty sure she MIGHT have helped too. Haha!)

Personally, I thought the footnotes where a nice touch, but a little straining at times. I had to keep glancing down and then losing my place in the original spot I was reading in. The footnotes where funny though 😛

To be honest, I wasn’t even going to review this novel, it’s just one of those books that I got from the library and knew that I didn’t have to review if I didn’t want to. Well, I want to. Because I really enjoyed it and I think everyone should at least try it out!

About Author:


Goodreads| Website

Pauline McLynn (born 11 July 1962) is an Irish actress, comedienne and author, best known for playing Mrs Doyle on the Channel 4 sitcom Father Ted. McLynn was born in Sligo but grew up in Galway. She studied History of Art and Modern English at Trinity College, Dublin. She was heavily involved in Trinity’s Dublin University Players (college drama society). She is married to the producer and agent Richard Cook. She supports both Aston Villa and Bohemian F.C.


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