About Charlie


About Me:

My name is Charlie and I love reading! Bloggers and the general internet may have known me as ‘Star’ for quite some time, but that’s actually my nickname. Long story. I’m not sure if anyone will notice, but I wanted to be clear 🙂 I don’t really care what anyone calls me (within REASON obviously!)

Some FACTS about Me!

  • I started writing reviews to get away from real life. **sigh** I have three younger brothers and sometimes they can be a bit annoying but most of the time we’re friends 🙂
  • I’m from England. Alright, guv? (Yeah, some people actually talk like that.)
  • I’m a ‘REAL’ Teen. So my reviews may be a little !!!! OMG…**fangirl, fangirl**ect ect. Ahem.
  • I don’t drink tea, despite living in Britain! I don’t really like coffee either.
  • Brussels are disgusting. Who’s with me?
  • I LOVE knitting! I’ve only just started but it’s really relaxing! Until I drop a stitch of course and then hell breaks loose.
  • I usually read YA books, but I have been known to read some autobiographies and adult fiction. I don’t usually read non-fiction.
  • I have recently started to host a few book blog tours! Hopefully, I will help a few more authors to gain new readers. Thankyou to anyone who likes my reviews! I’d like to thank you all one by one, but sometimes comments get lost in the spam. Sometimes my reviews may seem harsh, but they’re honest and the authors should take them as critique not me being spiteful.
  •  And just in case you’re to afraid to ask, (I know I am.) I am in fact a female. Having a name like Charlie does tend to make people think I’m a guy. Nope! It’s all girl! Moving swiftly on…

I also have a list of books I have reviewed, HERE.

If anyone wants to get in contact with me, my email for this blog is:


(Send me pictures of hunky men. With muscles. Big ones. Not, like, steriod-y, cos that’s gross.)



And on Twitter:

@CharliesReads (Why did  choose a blog with a really LONG name? It won’t fit on Twitter!)

(Where I tweet about books (sometimes), Doctor Who/Fandoms (most of the time), How awesome COKE and PEPSI are (all of the time).

Thanks for reading!

Charlie (Star) 😉 xx

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2 thoughts on “About Charlie

  1. I think we must have been separated at birth! I think I may be addicted to Pepsi…I need to stop! ha! Doctor Who starts on Saturday! Yes! I’ve waited THREE MONTHS FOR THIS! I really WANT to like tea, but i don’t 😦 it’s very annoying and un-british 🙂 Thankyou for paying me a visit! xx

  2. Well, let’s see now. From England? Check. Teenager? Check. Female? Check. Hates brussel sprouts? Check. YA? Check. Whovian? Check.

    Girl, where have you been all this time? Even our blog names are similar.

    Coke/Pepsi is awesome, but I’ve actually stopped drinking it. Haven’t had any in ages now. And I love tea. 😛

    Thank you for dropping a comment on my blog! 🙂

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